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Entira Family Clinics is dedicated to providing quality healthcare to patients throughout their lifetimes. With 12 locations throughout the metro, it is easy to find one that is conveniently close to home.

The clinics are worth a commute, though. According to the East Side’s clinic manager Lynn Heppner, many of their patients travel to see the doctors at Entira even after they have moved away from the area. 

Entira’s East Side clinic is one of the oldest of the 12 locations. It is well established in the area and many of its physicians care for multiple generations of families. As a family medicine clinic, Entira treats patients from birth, to pregnancy to geriatrics, allowing them to truly care for individuals throughout their lives. 

Doing so allows them to see the whole picture of who a patient is and provide individualized care based on family history.

As an inner-city location, the East Side clinic sees a diversity of patients and caters to a variety of needs. The medical staff members not only see many long-standing patients, Heppner says, but add new people into their system daily. She adds that their Health Care Home initiative helps the physicians to care for such a diverse group of patients.

The Health Care Home program ensures that there is good communication between patients and practitioners, allowing for optimal continuation of care. Physicians work with various subspecialists to coordinate care with patients. This increases communication and makes it easier for patients to understand all that they need to do to take care of themselves between visits. 

The East Side location has both English and Hmong speaking coordinators to help serve the diverse community in the area.

The diversity of Entira’s East Side location is part of what drew Ellie Ratts to the clinic when she became a nurse practitioner. Ratts joined the clinic in October 2015 and is the first NP to work there. 

In addition to the diversity, Ratts says she was drawn to the strong emphasis Entira puts on family medicine and the unique multi-generational patient opportunities it allows. 

As a physician-owned medical facility that has never been bought out by a larger company, Entira offers a unique kind of care. 

According to Ratts, there is an added commitment to patients and their well-being, and a transparency in the planning and decision-making that non-physician-owned companies do not have.

The physicians at Entira Family Clinic are truly dedicated to the health of their patients. It shows in the way that patients “come back for years and years,” Ratts says. 

With a diverse array of skilled physicians, the clinic is well prepared to handle patients from before birth through their golden years, and from all walks of life.


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