Police file search warrant for phone records in Steger murder case

On July 26, police filed a search warrant affidavit for the cell phone records of a man who sold Kira Steger’s iPhone to a local electronics resale company following her disappearance last winter.

Investigators discovered through records obtained from Apple Inc. that Steger’s phone had been reactivated in Indonesia after having been sold to EZ Traderz in St. Paul.

The store owner gave police the name of the man who sold the iPhone, and law enforcement officials were able to contact and get statements from the individual. Now they hope to acquire the man’s phone records to verify that the statements he made are correct.

It is unclear how the man came to possess Steger’s phone, as well as how the phone got to Indonesia.

According to the complaint, records from Verizon Wireless show that the phone was not used after 10 p.m. on Feb. 21, the day Steger was last seen alive.

At an omnibus probable cause hearing in March, Jeffery Trevino, 39, pleaded not guilty to killing his 30-year-old wife. Steger had reportedly been planning on ending the marriage, and according to friends, Trevino was increasingly “suspicious” of what Steger was doing when they were apart.

They lived on the East Side, and authorities reported finding large amounts of blood in the couple’s home after her disappearance in February. Police and volunteers conducted multiple searches for Steger’s body, particularly at Phalen Keller Regional Park in Maplewood.

Her body was found naked with multiple wounds in the Mississippi River May 8.

Trevino’s trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 16. He has been held at the Ramsey County Jail on $1 million bail since his Feb. 26 arrest.

— Johanna Holub

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