Demo of two Mounds View buildings approved

Mounds View’s Economic Development Authority unanimously approved a resolution allowing for the demolition of two EDA-owned buildings at its Aug. 12 meeting.

The two parcels – the former Robert’s Sports Bar site at 2400 County Road H2 and the former location of Taiko Sushi at 2394 County Road 10 – were purchased by the EDA earlier this summer using unobligated tax increment financing (TIF) funds.

TIF funds will also be used to pay for the demolition of the two EDA- owned buildings to make room for future development on those sites.

In 2006, the EDA purchased an adjacent parcel where the Premium Stop gas station was located.

According to the city’s website, the three parcels, totaling 3.81 acres, along County Road 10 will be bundled for redevelopment purposes to maximize the highest and best use of the area.

City staff put out a request for proposals for the demolition of the two buildings from excavating companies and received bids from four companies.

The lowest bid was from Kevitt Excavating at $79,450 and the highest was from Veit Companies at $123,510. Bids were also submitted from Carl Bolander and Sons for $89,182 and from Taylor West Corporation for $91,598.

City staff solicited quotes from companies to include the demolition of the two buildings, removal of asphalt, curbs and signs, the filling of holes and grading of the property to return it to a flat surface.

All submitted bids included those requirements, however, a couple of the companies, Veit in particular, proposed to do additional work after demolition of the buildings, such as bringing in topsoil, hydro-seeding and sloping.

Economic Development Specialist Heidi Steinmetz told the EDA that testing for asbestos and other hazardous chemicals would also have to take place at the site before demolition could begin.

She said city staff was recommending the lowest bidder, Kevitt Excavating, to do the demolition work.

While Steinmetz acknowledged that some soil import and/or seeding would be necessary, she added that bringing in topsoil and seeding would not equal the $43,000 difference between the lowest and highest bids.

Leaving the site with a dirt surface would not be allowed once the asphalt was removed, she said, because of the large amount of runoff that would result from the nearly four-acre site.

Councilmember Carol Mueller asked if it would be more cost effective to have the city’s public works department complete any soil or seeding work after demolition.

Steinmetz said she believed that would not amount to any savings.

“They would still have to get the equipment and the product. I would assume it would be the same price, if not cheaper to just have the excavator do it,” she said.

On City Administrator Jim Ericson’s suggestion, the EDA decided to give Kevitt the opportunity to offer a bid on what their cost would be to add topsoil and seeding. If the cost were less than the next lowest bidder, Bolander and Sons, Kevitt would be awarded the project; otherwise, it would go to Bolander. Bolander included covering the site with four inches of topsoil in its bid.

“Presumably it would be much less than $10,000, which is about the difference between Kevitt and Bolander,” Ericson said.

Kevitt has done prior excavation work for the city, including the demolition of the Premium Stop gas station in 2006.

Ericson said the city was happy with their work on that project.

According to the city’s website, demolition of the two buildings will take place this fall.

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