Early Childhood center moves out of John A Johnson

The Early Childhood Family Education center at John A. Johnson will be moved to Battle Creek Elementary.

Donald Sysyn, director of the early childhood program, said the move comes after the Strong Schools, Strong Communities initiative at St. Paul Public Schools drew more kids to John A. Johnson last year.

Since the Early Childhood Family Education center is not mandated programming, it got bumped out, he said.

A Q and A from St. Paul Public Schools said John A. Johnson is “expecting more students to return as a result of SSSC, and we are also anticipating the need to add additional kindergarten capacity to that building.”

Sysyn said the move to Battle Creek will help bring services to an area which had no early childcare programming.

“It really is spreading our sites out across the East Side more,” he said.

The center will provide transit as needed, he said — they will be renting buses from the district and will also have vans.

In addition, the literacy programs that the center ran at John A. Johnson will move. The programs bring families to the education center and to get face time with ELL teachers, and provide adult education.

These programs will move to Battle Creek and Dayton’s Bluff Elementary School.

Sysyn said East Siders could go to other nearby Early Childhood centers, such as Wheelock Early Learning Center, Roosevelt Homes Community Center, and Dayton’s Bluff Elementary School, in addition to the new Battle Creek location.

— Patrick Larkin

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