A dine and dash in S.A.

A dine and dash in S.A.

Four men in their late teens ate and drank their way to a $52 tab Aug. 14 at a pancake house in the 3700 block of Stinson Boulevard, then bailed on the bill. As they scrambled for the exit, their server made an attempt to intercept them and one suspect shoved her out of the way. That was a mistake. The foursome was quickly collared and three 19-year-olds and an 18-year-old were cited for theft. One of the 19-year-olds was also cited for fifth-degree assault.

Bulletin Area police reports week of Sept. 4, 2013

Arden Hills Mounds View New Brighton North Oaks St. Anthony Shoreview Vadnais Heights

Arden Hills

• Things went well at the State Fair for a dad, his two kids and his girlfriend, and the quartet headed for Arden Hills to turn the 5 and 7-year-olds over to their mother. With his girlfriend driving home, dad realized he had left his keys in a kid’s backpack, and a return meeting was arranged. And it all went downhill from there. Old arguments were re-stated, spit flew, a door, perhaps inadvertently, struck mom, and 911 was called. The dad was arrested on charges of domestic assault, fifth-degree assault and disorderly conduct. The 36-year-old was booked at the Ramsey County Jail.

• A deputy stopped to check on a vehicle at Hamline Avenue and Paul Kirkwold Drive the night of Aug. 22. The engine was running and the driver asleep at the wheel of the vehicle parked conveniently right outside the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Dept.  Patrol Station. The 55-year-old woman from Wyoming, Minn. tested .19 percent BAC, more than twice the legal limit, and was booked at the jail on a DWI charge.

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Mounds View

• She didn’t use her turn signal, and now she doesn’t have a car. The 24-year-old Golden Valley woman, pulled over Aug. 15 on County Hwy. 10 and Spring Lake Road for not signaling a turn, was arrested on a gross-misdemeanor second-degree DWI charge after testing .23 percent BAC. She was also charged with driving after license revocation. Her vehicle was impounded pending forfeiture approval.

• A 13-year-old girl, out-of-control, uncooperative, slamming doors, resisting arrest and acting, well, like a 13-year-old girl, was arrested Aug. 16 on an obstruction of the legal process with force charge and transported to the Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Center.

• Following some quality bar time a man launched into a depressing discussion with his mother and girlfriend as to which fast-food spot to go to for dinner. That discussion did not go well, and the 24-year-old local began waving the ever-popular neck knife around in a menacing manner. Now the neck knife, or Tanto, is a knife worn on a chain around, that’s right, one’s neck for easy access if needed, and is a mighty, scary-looking instrument. Police were called and the suspect was booked at the jail on a felony terroristic threat charge.

• Unruly young adults descended on a trailer in the 2200 block of Buckingham Lane in the  post-midnight hours of Aug. 18, yelling, screaming and pounding on the door until neighbors called police. The group of five men and women from out of the area — one even came all the way from Mesa, Az. — were cited for disorderly conduct.

“You cut me off!”
• Road rage manifested itself the afternoon of Aug. 20 in the 2400 block of County Hwy. 10 where one party began wailing on another after the two drivers pulled over. “You cut me off!” the 66-year-old New Brighton man yelled at the 19-year-old local man. Police arrived and the older driver was arrested and booked at the jail on an assault charge.

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New Brighton

Disorderly conduct
• Two ladies were sitting on a bench having a smoke Aug. 25 at Silver Lake Road and Mississippi Street when rocks began to whiz by. The ladies, who are in their 50s, discovered a man hiding in the bushes. The man couldn’t explain why he was throwing the rocks, so the ladies called police. The 32-year-old local man couldn’t explain it to the officers either, so he was cited for disorderly conduct.

Risky financial undertaking
• The Urban Dictionary says “to lose one’s shirt” is an idiom for losing your assets to a risky financial undertaking. This shoplifter not only lost the four cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon he had stolen from the grocery store in the 2600 block of Rice Creek Road after a short chase and a tussle with two store security employees, he also lost his shirt after it was torn off as the trio rolled around on the ground. The 37-year-old St. Cloud man got away but was identified through pawn shop receipts found in his backpack he left behind. He was mailed a citation for misdemeanor theft.

• A bicycle went missing Aug. 27 from the patio of an apartment in the 1300 block of Northwest Parkway. The value of the 30-plus year old bike is unknown, but you can imagine the value of the bike that was left in its place.

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North Oaks


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St. Anthony

A 36-year-old man reported an assault Aug. 14 by his 43-year-old trailermate at a park on Lowry Avenue. The trailermate denied the allegation. Charges are pending action by the city attorney. This does not bode well for future trailermate relations.
•  An “obviously intoxicated” man was dropped off Aug. 17 by people in a vehicle at Coolidge Street and Murray Avenue. He wasn’t on the street very long. Police picked him up and delivered the 30-year-old and his .21 percent BAC to Ramsey County Detox.

Poetic justice
• A man was picked up Aug. 16 in the 4000 block of Foss Road on an Anoka County felony warrant for his arrest for financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult. The 51-year-old was booked at the Hennepin County Jail.

• He had just moved to the area last month and had his personal property shipped, but, like broken promises, his speaker sound system, television and shotgun never arrived. The estimated loss is $2,800.

• For want of $6.98, the 48-year-old man now has a police record. He was collared Aug. 16 at the big-box store in the 3800 block of Silver Lake Road for shoplifting that item priced at $6.98.

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• Her sister asked her to babysit Aug. 23 and the sitter invited the boyfriend to stop by, but the 20-year-old boyfriend soon left the residence with a WII video he grabbed,  and pawned it. A receipt was later found in the boyfriend’s possession, he was cited for theft and an investigation continues.

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Vadnais Heights


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