Lake Elmo officials approve water main feasibility report

Lake Elmo continues to make strides in its quest to extend municipal water and sanitary sewer services to a greater number of households.

At the Sept. 17 city council meeting, council members unanimously approved the preparation of a feasibility report for the Lake Elmo Avenue water main improvement project, which was tentatively scheduled for implementation in the city’s 2014 capital improvement plan.

The water main would extend three miles south down Lake Elmo Avenue from the Old Village downtown area to the properties in the eastern part of the city’s Interstate 94 corridor. There is currently a water main pipe on the thoroughfare, but it’s too small to support interconnections as the suburb grows, city engineer Jack Griffin said.

The estimated $3 million project would provide water connections for about 80 properties along Lake Elmo Avenue between 20th and 30th streets, as well as several planned development projects in the Interstate 94 corridor. Individual home service stubs and fire hydrants will be installed as part of the project as well.

Griffin says the project is being pushed forward by “some development interest that would be using this line and ... request(s) from a couple property owners requesting that this improvement go forward for 2014 construction.”

The project is on an “aggressive” schedule, Griffin added. “We would need to do a substantial amount of engineering work on this over the winter to make this ready for construction in (spring) 2014,” he explained.

“We’ve talked about this (project) for a long time,” city administrator Dean Zuleger said. “We just want ... to formally ... explore this at a little bit closer level.”

The report, which will be completed by FOCUS Engineering, is expected to be presented to council at the Nov. 5 meeting. A public improvement hearing will take place in early December, and design would be completed by March 2014 so bids can be posted and contracts awarded. Construction could begin as early as May and be completed by October.

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