Fitness club targeted in New Brighton

Fitness club targeted in New Brighton

Two lockers were broken into the night of Sept. 21 at a fitness club in the 1100 block of Silver Lake Road. Padlocks were forced and $180 in cash was taken from one locker, and $60 in cash from the other. A van outside the club had a passenger window shattered, but nothing went missing from inside.

Bulletin Area police reports week of Oct. 2, 2013

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Arden Hills


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Mounds View

• It wouldn’t be a Saturday night without some soul-pulverizing sounds at the Montclair Avenue Trailer Park. Actually it was 3 a.m. Sunday morning Sept. 15 by the time fed-up neighbors called police. An uncooperative man and woman, both 23, were cited for violation of the city noise ordinance.

• A missing Precaliber 20-inch mountain bike was found in possession of three students at Edgewood Middle School on Sept. 13. The owner said he locked the $312 bike to the school’s bike rack. The suspects said they found the bike lying in the grass. No lock was found. An investigation continues.

•Remembering something, a man ran back inside his Buckingham Lane trailer Sept. 16, leaving his $699 iPhone on his dashboard. T-Mobile tracked the stolen device as far as Coon Rapids and recovery efforts continue.

• A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a 53-year-old man with no permanent address, who put a pillow over his childrens’ mother’s face and threatened to kill her. The suspect is facing formal charges of gross-misdemeanor domestic assault and disorderly conduct, according to the Mounds View city attorney’s office. A 22-year-old son interrupted the Sept. 13 assault on his mother before the homeless suspect fled the scene.    

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New Brighton

There goes another Honda
• A ’94 red Honda Civic was reported stolen Sept. 21 from the lot of an apartment building in the 400 block of Old Hwy. 8. There was no sign of forced entry. The ’94 is one of the Honda years susceptible to the “shaved key,” according to investigators.  

• Catalytic converters went missing from five vehicles in a lot in the first block of Cleveland Avenue the night of Sept. 18. The vehicles were awaiting shipment to Africa. A car jack was found under a sixth vehicle, in the apparently interrupted theft. The loss was estimated at $3,000.

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North Oaks

Criminal damage to property
• The top of a concrete fountain sculpture was toppled, landing on a driveway and damaging the pavers the night of Sept. 20 in the first block of Red Forest Lane. No damage estimate.

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St. Anthony

• The 33-year-old man, arrested Sept. 14 at 37th Avenue N.E. and Silver Lake Road, is in no hurry to get back to Isanti County where he is wanted on warrants for his arrest for burglary, fleeing police in a motor vehicle and failure to appear in court. But then the suspect no doubt doesn’t mind leaving St. Anthony following his most recent arrest for driving after license revocation and no insurance.

• A golf cart, valued at $3,000, was reported stolen Sept. 12 from an underground garage of a building in the 2600 block of Kenzie Terrace.

Senior discount
• A pair of 81-year-old men were collared Sept. 15 for shoplifting merchandise valued at $61 at the big-box store in the 3800 block of Silver Lake Road. The geezers were cited for misdemeanor theft and released.

Slapped silly
• A 14-year-old girl rattled the teeth of a 12-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl Sept. 13 at SAVHS. The victims declined charges but police said they weren’t ready to close the file just yet, according to a police report.

• Next time, stick with the guy with the lock. Three teens locked their bikes together in the 3300 block of 33rd Avenue N.E. before school Friday, Sept. 13. The boy with the lock went home first. Later one of the remaining bikes went missing. The loss is estimated at $1,600, according to the police report.

• A thief planning an amusing weekend fled the big-box store in the 3800 block of Silver Lake Road Sept. 14 with an armload of video movies and games. The all-thumbs thief dropped the $160 worth of fun in the escape attempt, but did manage to get away, albeit empty-handed.

You go, grandma
• An 87-year-old grandma received a call from a fake cop Sept. 13 stating that her grandson needed $2,280 for jail bail. Grandma promptly made a call and found the puzzled youth at home playing a video game. She reported the unsuccessful scam to police and the score now stands at: grandmas 1, bad guys 0.

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• When the ex-girlfriend and mother of a man’s child recognized another ex-girlfriend, also a mother of one of the man’s children in the parking lot of a corner market in he 3900 block of Rice Street, it came as a rude shock, like a surcharge at a formerly surcharge-free ATM. The 39-year-old St. Paul mom rammed the vehicle containing the 28-year-old mom from Shoreview. Deputies arrived and the older mom was arrested for felony criminal damage to property.

Three dog night
• A little French bulldog apparently slipped under the fence of a neighbor’s yard on Cannon Avenue Sept. 15 and took on a pair of larger mixed breeds. The owner of the lapdog was bitten on the bicep as the 67-year-old man tried to separate the trio. The French bulldog was reportedly heading for surgery with a severed artery. The case was referred to Ramsey County Animal Control.

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Vadnais Heights

Bad drug deal
• A man agreed to a $20 pot deal the night of Sept. 18 with a man who agreed to bring the weed from Burnsville. Once in the 700 block of County Road D the man from Burnsville produced a gun, perhaps hoping for more than the $20, which would about cover his gas. The 32-year-old customer who reported this confrontation, said he grabbed the barrel of the gun but the man from Burnsville, said “Don’t worry, I don’t plan to use it.” The Burnsville man then drove off without the $20, keeping the pot.

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