Butler gets 16 years in Widstrand case

Butler, Cindarion

Cindarion Butler, 17, of St. Paul, was sentenced to 196 months for his role in the beating of Ray Widstrand.

Widstrand was beaten nearly to death on Aug. 4, 2013, while he was walking near his home.

Judge Joanne Smith sentenced Butler on Tuesday, March 25.

Butler was convicted in January on counts of first-degree assault and aggravated robbery.

According to the Ramsey County attorney's office, the length of Butler's sentence was doubled due to aggravating factors.

The longer sentence is "on the grounds that Widstrand was particularly vulnerable at the time of the offense, having been knocked down and out in the first blow, and subsequently kicked for several minutes," a statement from the attorney's office said.

According to a criminal complaint, Butler was identified in photos jumping on Widstrand's face.

Additionally, since Widstrand was attacked by at least three people while in a vulnerable state, the county attorney's office said that was considered an aggravating factor.

Widstrand was present at sentencing to give a victim impact statement.

The last certified juvenile defendant in the case, Charles Redding, made his omnibus hearing appearance at court on Wednesday, March 26. Redding was certified to stand trial as an adult on Feb. 27.

-- Patrick Larkin

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