Inver Grove Heights man charged with misdemeanor in fatal car crash

An Inver Grove Heights man is facing a misdemeanor charge after he fell asleep while driving near Rosemount and struck and killed another driver.

Michael W. Steinhoff, 20, was charged Tuesday with careless driving in the death of Angela N. Wear, 32, of Inver Grove Heights, according to the criminal complaint.

Steinhoff was reportedly driving a Ford Explorer east on 160th Street near Blaine Avenue in Empire Township at about 4 p.m. May 30, 2013. His sports utility vehicle crossed the center line and a driver approaching in the oncoming lane swerved, sideswiping Steinhoff’s vehicle, according to the State Patrol’s report of the crash reconstruction. 

Steinhoff then veered back into his lane from the center line, while Wear, driving a Saturn Vue SUV, simultaneously turned into his lane in an apparent attempt to avoid a head-on collision. The vehicles crashed driver’s side to driver’s side, the report said.

Steinhoff “told deputies at the scene that he had fallen asleep, felt a bump, woke up, then struck the victim’s vehicle,” according to the complaint. An ambulance then transported him to the hospital.

Wear was pronounced dead at the scene.

They were both driving near the speed limit of 55 mph, according to the State Patrol’s estimation.

Steinhoff could face up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine for the charge by summons.

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