Black bear bops around Inver Grove Heights

Gertens on Tuesday shared this photo of a black bear roaming near the company’s Upper 55th Street East gate that morning in Inver Grove Heights.

Residents reported seeing a black bear bundling around Inver Grove Heights last week — and the burly beast seems to have an affinity for alliteration.

By Tuesday, April 6, the Inver Grove Heights Police Department had heard of multiple sightings of a black bear at the 6200 block of Blaine Avenue, the 6000 block of Bowman Avenue and the 5800 block of Blackberry Bridge Path (No kidding on that last one).

Alarmed residents quickly took to social media to discuss the bear’s proximity to people and pets:


“Keep kitties inside so they do not become a snack.”


According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, bears are generally seen in the northern third of the state, and tend to keep to areas with dense cover. But they’re known to head to open fields to eat, and travel south to munch on corn and other crops.

Most bears steer clear of people, and will usually leave when encountered, the DNR says, but people should always remain cautious when a bear’s nearby.

The DNR says to residents:

• Leave the bear alone.

• Don’t attempt to corner or trap the bear.

• Don’t leave food for animals outside, including bird feed.

• Don’t leave food trash outside.

• Keep an eye on smaller animals when letting them outside.

Police advise residents to call 911 right away if they see the bear.

— Kaitlyn Roby


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