Roseville Rainbow to become Cub Foods

Roundy’s is jumping ship on the Minnesota grocery market, the company announced May 7.

The company, which owns the local Rainbow Foods stores, cites a tough economy and a competitive local grocery market as reasons for the exit, according to a press release.

As a result, the Rainbow Foods grocery store near the Roseville Shopping Center at 1201 Larpenteur Ave., which also includes a stand-alone liquor store, will be bought by Twin Cities-based SuperValu Foods in the next 60 days.

Cub Foods also operates a store on the south end of HarMar Mall at 2100 Snelling Ave. N. The two stores are located less than two miles apart.

SuperValu, along with Lunds and three other local grocery store chains, will buy 18 Twin Cities Rainbows from its competitor. SuperValu will turn 10 of them into Cub Foods stores, while some will remain Rainbows and others will be converted into Byerly’s, according to a Supervalu press release.

Jeff Swanson, spokesperson for SuperValu, said the changeovers will happen quickly once the purchases go through. It will be a simple swapping of signage and a restocking of shelves, he said.

“We understand grocery stores are an important part of people’s communities, and people are passionate about their neighborhood store,” Swanson explained.

Swanson added that the stores will eventually undergo aggressive remodeling.

Another nine Roundy’s stores are not yet spoken for — the company is actively seeking buyers for those locations.

Cub Foods corporate leaders spent the day of the announcement meeting with store employees at the 18 Rainbow stores to talk about the upcoming changes. The company said it will hire about 1,000 employees in the next couple months.

Swanson said Cub is looking for people passionate about food and customer service.

If current Rainbow employees have those qualities, “we encourage them to apply,” he added.

Aaron Sorenson, spokesperson for Lund Food Holdings, Inc., said the company will acquire three Rainbow stores located in Woodbury, Eden Prairie and Plymouth. The Eden Prairie and Woodbury locations will become Byerly’s, while the Plymouth Station location will stay a Rainbow.

Lund Food Holdings has operated a Byerly’s in Roseville, located at 1601 County Road C W., since 1987.

Johanna Holub contributed to this report.
— Patrick Larkin

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