622 Foundation does it again!

After the STA2RS, top 10 percent of North and Tartan students, were honored, North High’s Tiffany Cheng is photographed with her selected teacher Frank Butterfield, North Height Christian Academy English-History teacher, and her parents. (photos by Linda Baumeister/Reiew)

North High’s Emma Schwartz embraces her former North AP World History teacher Karen Vidlock as they receive recognition at the 18th annual STA2RS Banquet May 22.

North High’s Yeng Adam Yang is joined on stage by his youth group/ Bible teacher Tang Vang as the 18th annual STA2RS Banquet at Prom Center honored the top ten percent of Tartan and North seniors May 22.

Prom Banquet center was filled with academic talent

The 18th annual STA2RS Banquet was held May 21 at the Prom Center in Oakdale. It is the date the North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School District parades a room full of academic all-stars across the stage to celebrate what is right with public education.

If you have any thoughts about where the future of our community, state or country is headed, you should make a point to be in attendance at this annual celebration in the near future.

Each year, in what was the brainchild of the late former District 622 Superintendent Mike White, the 622 Education Foundation sponsors a banquet that celebrates the four-year successes of graduating seniors from North and Tartan high schools.

And these aren’t just any of the graduating seniors - these students are the upper crust. Each of the 80-plus students from the two schools are those kids who are in the top 10 percent academically in their respective classes.

It is a gala evening. There were a few speeches of little consequence given that evening, but topping the speakers were a pair of students, one each from Tartan and North.

Representing Tartan was Erin Wintheiser and from North, Kayla Mielzarek. Both were outstanding in their presentations.

At the gathering every year, each student who earns the honor at their respective schools invites a teacher or some other person who has been a positive influence in their academic lives.

The student’s parents, along with the teacher guests and table sponsors sit together for a lively conversation along with the banquet that is served in honor of these elite students.

Student honorees take center stage

I’m sure that most of the people attending the STA2RS Banquet would never expect to find their names as participants on the sports pages of any newspaper.

But these students from North and Tartan are more than worthy of recognition as the all-stars of their respective schools.

The principals - Greg Nelson from North and Adam Ehrmantraut from Tartan - took to the mike and began to announce the names of each student, along with the selected guest - usually a teacher.

Kids line up on one side of the stage, and selected guests, on the other side. When their names are called, they meet in the middle and march down the center aisle to get their pictures taken.

Here then are the names of each student and their selected guest as they were called by their respective principal.

From Tartan:

Leah Alemu - Ms. Kellie Kroc; Taylor Anderson - Ms. Teri Hei; Rachel Andrisen - Ms. Karen Hyers; Faye Avery Asuncion - Ms. Kristen Underhill; Allison Maria Barrera - Mr. Jeff Zupfer; Andrew Borowiak - Mr. Matt Cory; Marc Buchmayer - Mr. Daniel Recchio; Sara Duke - Ms. Julie Swanson; TaíKendra Elbert - Ms. Leslie Gorman; Amanda Fabian - Ms. Beth Klein; Kathleen Foley - Ms. Jan Churchill; Joshua Hemelgarn - Mr. Ken Balfanz; Claire Elizabeth Herzog - Mr. Nick Fuerst; Marcie Israelson - Ms. Michelle Dzik; Garrett Johnson - Mr. Matthew Duffee; Chantel Jordan - Mr. Ed Rimkus; Casey King Strong - Ms. Vicki Fellows; Timothy John Lagoon - Ms. Shannon Ostertag; Kayla Longfellow - Mr. Mike Hall; Melissa Lounsbury - Ms. Jeanette Landin; Nate McDonald - Mr. Jason Stutsman; Lindsey Miller - Ms. Melissa Moe; Mikayla Miller - Ms. Michelle Razskazoff; Taylor Nadeau - Mr. Brett Latterell; Madilynn Nelson - Ms. Monica Romero Cortes; Allison Newman - Ms. Julie Bachmeier; Jessica Pauly - Mr. Steve Hoemann; Madeleine Peterson - Ms. Miranda Godfread; Alexa Rutherford - Mr. Ryan DeLaCroix; Mitchell S. Schank - Ms. Barb Asmussen; Evan Severson - Ms. Theresa Yapel; Shaelyn Sorensen - Mr. Jim Boyle; Nikkolas Sorenson - Mr. Casey Dittel; Maggie Straka - Ms. Lauren VanOverbeke; Luke Sturdevant - Ms. Rachel Grayson; Anthony Robert Torrez - Ms. Gail Colbert; Janelle Videen - Ms. Carrie Hansen; Holly Wilson - Ms. Brenda Badger; Erin Wintheiser - Ms. Tracie Hanson; and Kang Yang - Ms. Vicki Kapaun.

From North:

Alyssa Anderson - Ms. Rebecca Jacobson; John Anderson - Mr. James Honsa; Alexander Barrette - Mr. Troy Morgan; Ankit Bhakta - Ms. Kathleen  Berrigan; Taylor Bruns - Mr. Simbo N’diaye; Grace Cardinal - Ms. Peg Sorensen; Brandon Cayetano - Mr. Kevin Barnard; Tiffany Cheng - Mr. Frank Butterfield; Grant Colter - Mr. John Povolny; Rachel Ericson - Ms. Katy Fini; Bailey Henderson - Ms. Amy Mess; Adam Hildebrandt - Mr. Mike Haldorson; Jonathan Hjelmgren - Ms. Kelly Humphrey; Jordan Hubbard - Mr. Ian Bronson; Talia Jaskulske - Mr. Scott Kopp; Eric Johnson - Ms. Melissa Mandel; Erin Jungmann - Mr. Randy Tappe; Annette Klomp - Ms. Corrie Crothers; Chuaya Lo - Mr. Joe Simms; Andrew McCabe - Mr. Joe Janquart; Kyla Mittal - Ms. Dianne Sandberg; Patricia O’Brien - Ms. Cathi Hogan; Rebecca O’Brien - Ms. Heather Freeman; Hannah Peterson - Ms Amie DuFresne; Violette Pfefferle - Ms. Mary Mielzarek; Anthony Huy Phan - Mr. Scott Sturm; Jessica Points - Mr. Brian Reda; Ellie Prax - Ms. Mindy Nelson; Megan Rhyner - Mr. Nick Krueger; Joseph Rojas Jr. - Mr. Robert Hackney; Alexis Scanlon - Mr. Jim Miklausich; Emma Schwartz - Ms. Karen Vidlock; Sarah Strandmark - Ms. Michelle Zwirn; Julia Tanzer - Mr. Daniel Salava; Carley Thilmony - Ms. Rebecca Krueger; Grace Thompson - Mr. Adam Carlson; Abigail Wales - Tom Waeffler; Spencer Whyte - Mr. Bob Young; Brandon Wilhelmy - Ms. Jody Murphy; Trenton Wolter - Mr. Carraig Hegi; Yeng Adam Yang - Mr. Tang Vang; and Rose Zustiak - Mr. Keith Reynolds.

Quick takeoffs

Newly hired TARTAN girls’ basketball coach is TIM OBR who brings extensive experience to the position...Further news from TARTAN: Congratulations are in order to SHEFFIE GAILEY, JUSTIN BREISTER, YENG HER and CHIS NENG.

Together they put a score of 1,675 up and claimed the State CI Adapted Bowling Championship. Great going Titans!...The not-so-new news is that former HAMLINE U. grad and former assistant CORY LAYLIN will return to take over the men’s hockey head coaching position...Hey RUTH, you hang in there!

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