A great ‘Night’ - photos

Colette Kasper, left in the top photo, looks on as her granddaughter, Calisi, 2, jumps in a bounce house donated by one of the neighbors.

Calisi giggles while bouncing around in her grandmother’s front yard

22-month-old Brianna Klein, below, examines her reflection in the wheel of an Inver Grove Heights fire truck, with her mother, Lisa Klein, behind her.

Colette Kasper hosted a Night to Unite (formerly National Night Out) gathering on the blocked-off street in front of her Inver Grove Heights home Tuesday, Aug. 5. She said she decided at the last minute to host the block party, thinking it would be a good way to meet new neighbors and talk about how to keep the neighborhood safe, “so that you’re watching everybody’s back.”

photos by Kaitlyn Roby/Review

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