Adult education hour at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church

St. Michael’s Lutheran Church, 1660 West County Road B in Roseville, will host an education hour for ages 2 through adult at 10 a.m., after its contemporary worship service at 8:45 a.m. and before the traditional worship service at 11 a.m. All educational opportunities are free of charge.

Upcoming topics include:

• Feb. 15: “Compassionate Communication”
Dr. Yvette Erasmus, psychotherapist at Integral Psychotherapy
Dr. Erasmus, psychotherapist and former international school teacher, has deepened her appreciation of cultural differences and cross-cultural issues. Do you want to dramatically transform the way you communicate in key personal and professional relationships? Join us for a discussion on how to use language and communication principles to move beyond disagreements and disputes to collaboration and partnership. She will highlight the main blocks and pitfalls to enjoying a mutually satisfying dialogue with others, and will provide practical principles, skills and practices you can apply to your relationships today.

• Feb. 22: “Strengthening Each Other to Be the Best Parents”
Dr. Kurt Wical and Dr. Carolyn Dehnbostel, marriage and family therapists at Minnesota Couple Therapy Center
Parenting is a challenging responsibility. Marriage and family therapists Dr. Kurt Wical and Dr. Carolyn Dehnbostel will help us look at how the issues parents face in raising their children and how they can best support and strengthen each other as a parent.


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