Assault at Roseville home reportedly sparked by work relationship

Jay Perry Chapman
Jay Perry Chapman

A 51-year-old Roseville man has been charged with two counts of assault after allegedly beating a younger man in the head and face with a siding jack.

Police responding to a home in the 1700 block of Alta Vista Drive at about 11 p.m. Saturday, July 18 found a bloody scene: a garage with a metal pump jack, "a large amount of blood" and pieces of broken teeth.

Sitting on the curb was a 26-year-old St. Paul man "with substantial injuries to his face from being hit by what appears to be some kind of bar used to jack or lift scaffolding," Roseville Police Lt. Lorne Rosand told the Review Wednesday.

"The man had a number of teeth broken, a broken nose and may have some other broken facial bones ... he's still in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries."

With the man was a woman who reportedly identified herself as a resident of the house who cared for the homeowner's child. Both identified the homeowner, Jay Perry Chapman, as the assailant. The man also said he worked for Chapman at his siding company.

The victim was taken by ambulance to Regions Hospital, where Roseville investigators interviewed him further as he was being treated by medical personnel.

He and the woman reportedly told police they were in a loft above the garage when Chapman entered the garage and climbed up to the loft. Chapman shouted "I can't believe you would despise me like this!" and allegedly swung a metal pump jack at the man, hitting him in the face.

The woman told police she thought the young man was dead after the blow, as he fell backward and seemed limp before being struck again.

At that point, the victim was reportedly unconscious for a half-minute before he roused and began to crawl across the loft toward the ladder, with Chapman allegedly on the ground floor yelling at him to get out.

The victim reportedly got hold of the ladder but fell off it and onto the garage floor.

Subsequent medical reports indicate that among his injuries the man sustained bleeding on the brain.


Rosand said after everyone else was out of the house, Chapman refused to exit it. First, Roseville police stationed squad cars around the scene to block his escape, as officers called Chapman to encourage him to surrender, to no avail.

"Eventually, East Metro SWAT was called out," Rosand said. Although he said police were concerned that Chapman might use weapons against them, there were no overt threats. "We're always concerned about weapons," he said. "If we'd had no concerns we'd have just walked into the house. It's always an unknown with a crime such as this."

The group surrounded the property and used "distraction techniques" which Rosand would not specify to wear Chapman down.

"It might be a flash-bang device, it might be breaking windows, it might be talking to him on the phone and through the PA system," Rosand said.

Meanwhile, officials had secured a search warrant, he added.

Finally, at about 4:30 a.m., Rosand said, Chapman came out. "He agreed to exit the home, I think, once he sensed we weren't going away," Rosand said. "Later, he said he didn't know the police were outside."

In statements quoted in the criminal complaint, Chapman allegedly said there was a group of people in the garage when he woke up and went out to see what was going on. He allegedly "stated he is sick of people making a mess out of his garage, but he didn't assault anybody."

From start to finish, Rosand estimated 20 to 25 law-enforcement officers were involved in the call.

Chapman has been charged with both first-degree assault for inflicting "great bodily harm," which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years and maximum fine of $30,000.

He has also been charged with second-degree assault, "with a dangerous weapon," which carries a maximum sentence of seven years and a $14,000 fine.

According to Rosand and the written complaint, bail was set at $50,000 and Chapman posted it and is free until his trial date. His motion to dismiss the case was denied. He has pleaded "not guilty" to all counts.

Chapman's next court date is Aug. 28.

A call was placed to Chapman at the siding business he owns, but he has not yet responded.

—Holly Wenzel

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