North St. Paul passes general fund levy and budget

Minnesota Municipal Power Agency recently installed a solar array at North High School as part of the Hometown Solar Grant program. submitted photo

On Dec. 6, the North St. Paul City Council passed the 2017 general fund budget and property-tax levy.

The 2017 general fund budget was set at $6,953,530, which is $44,378 more than the 2016 general fund budget. 

The total 2017 levy, which includes both the property-tax levy and the debt-service levy, was set at $4,484,108. The 2017 property-tax levy alone was set at $3,016,498, which is $257,542 more than the 2016 property-tax levy, and the 2017 debt levy alone was set at $1,467,610, which is up $299,188 from 2016.

The taxes would have been even higher if the assessed value of North St. Paul homes hadn’t increased between 2016 and 2017. In 2016, the median value of a North St. Paul home was $157,500, but in 2017 $168,100 will be the median value. 

If a homeowner had a home valued at the median value for both 2016 and 2017, his or her annual city taxes would increase from $520 to $612, or about $51 a month. If a property owner saw no increased value on a home that was valued at the median amount in 2016, he or she would still see an increase of about $40 in the 2017 city property taxes.

“I’d just like to say that I know it hits everybody when there’s these increases and it’s hard for anybody to take, but I think overall long-term what the city is trying to do is be more responsible,” said council member Tom Sonnek. 

The 2017 budget and levy were unanimously approved despite the comments that one resident made during the meeting calling the tax rates “extreme.”


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