LETTER: Development worries

To the editor,

The city of Mendota Heights owns three vacant properties it would like to sell, just north of the Mendakota Animal Hospital. A developer, Trammell Crow, has submitted a proposal to build a five-story, market-rate, younger-seniors apartment building. Huge. The city council rejected this because of citizens’ objections, that being it was not their vision for that area. While property tax revenue would be welcomed, the project would have totally eliminated Maple Street, which connects Dodd Road and Linden Street. 

This would have left the only way to drive out of The Village as being at the Gateway Bank and Dodd Road corner — unless, of course, people wanted to meander over the frontage road that goes by the south side of Sibley Henry High School to Delaware Street.  Trammell Crow is not going away. I heard there is a four-story apartment building redesign. I know traffic studies are done as part of the process, but I am wondering if emergency vehicles’ access in The Village would be delayed or hindered by the elimination of Maple Street.

Naomi Lifejoy, Mendota Heights

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