SNAPSHOT: Where the wind blows

Originally of St. Paul, Tim Maggi, 65, has lived in his Roseville home at 700 Grandview Ave. W. since 2010. From the front, his house looks just like any other home in the neighborhood, however, a large metal pole can be seen poking out of the backyard, looming over Maggi’s one-story home. Once set up and running, the 21-foot pole will opperate as a 1500 watt vertical axis wind turbine, providing Maggi’s home with electricity. Maggi is having it installed in an effort to both “go green” and save money. The project cost, he said, is roughly between $10,000 and $15,000, though he admitted he has “sort of lost count ... but it only takes 10 years to pay for itself,” with electrical savings. Maggi, who said he values sustainability, explained that he’d seen the turbines around and was always interested in them. He said he hasn’t yet heard any complaints from his neighbors.

—Jesse Poole

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