South-West Review police reports published November 12, 2017

South-West Review police reports published November 12, 2017 for Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul

Inver Grove Heights


You can run…

An officer stopped a man Nov. 2 in the 3200 block of 57th Avenue East. The man fled when officers attempted to arrest him on multiple warrants. He was later apprehended and all warrants were served. 



Officers were dispatched to the 7800 block of Cahill Avenue Nov. 8 for a theft. Officers were unable to locate the suspect.



A man attempted to rob the Moose Lodge Nov. 8. According to the report, it did not appear entry was made into the building and nothing was missing. There is no suspect at this time. 


Assisting other agencies

On Nov. 4 a woman reported seeing a truck that had been posted in a Facebook Truck Club as stolen, in a parking lot in the 9000 block of Concord Boulevard. The vehicle was confirmed to have been stolen out of Goodhue County earlier that day. The truck was returned to the owner. 


Joy ride

Officers conducted a traffic stop Nov. 4 at the intersection of Cahill Avenue and 73rd Street. The vehicle stopped was stolen, and a 17-year-old man was arrested. 


Drug possession

A report came in Nov. 5 regarding a man acting suspiciously in the parking lot of Walmart. Officers responded, and found a methamphetamine pipe in the rear of the vehicle he was driving. The man will be charged by formal complaint for fifth degree possession of a controlled substance.



On Nov. 6, an officer responded to the 5600 block of Bishop Avenue on a fraud report. Fraudulent checks were sent for deposit in a customers account but were flagged by the bank. The checks were not deposited.


Stolen car

A report came in Nov. 7 from a business on the 5900 block of Dawn Way regarding the theft of a motor vehicle. A 2003 Chevrolet along with $500 was taken from the business.


Driving off the road

A 58-year-old man was arrested for DWI after he drove off the road Nov. 5 in the 6700 block of Carmen Avenue. He was brought to detox. 


Fine line between love and hate

A 34-year-old woman and a 31-year-old man were fighting over relationship issues Nov. 5. Both parties were combatants in the incident. The man left the scene. 


Mendota Heights


Found property 

On Oct. 27, found property, including a driver’s license and credit cards, was turned over to the staff at city hall. The owner was contacted, who said the items were stolen nearly five weeks ago from a nearby city. He asked police to destroy the credit cards as they were cancelled; he made plans to pick up his license at a later date. There are no suspects or witnesses.



A woman entered a pharmacy on the 700 block of Highway 110 Oct. 28 and obtained medication through a fraudulent prescription. Officers identified her and got her information. 



Officers were dispatched to a single vehicle accident Oct. 30. When they arrived on scene, they determined the driver was showing signs of impairment. The driver failed field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for DWI.



Windows were smashed in on a car in the 1000 block of Crown Point Drive Oct. 30. A backpack and wallet were taken; there has been fraudulent activity on a debit card. There are no known suspects, and the case is pending. 

Another vehicle was riffled through overnight in the 1900 block of Crown Point Drive. Thieves took small change. 

Officers took a report of an additional vehicle that had been gone through overnight in the 1900 block of Crown Point Drive. Nothing was reported missing.


Reckless driving

Officers were dispatched to the 1400 block of Clement Street on Halloween on reports that a vehicle had driven over a resident’s yard. According to the report, there were numerous children trick-or-treating in the area. A license plate was obtained for the suspect’s vehicle. A neighboring agency was asked to make contact with the owner. The case is pending. 


South St. Paul


Where’s my car?

A man called police Nov. 2 from the 800 block of Sixth Avenue to report his vehicle as stolen. As the officer was talking with him the vehicle was recovered. His stepson may have taken the car.


House fire

South metro police were called to a fire in the 1500 block of Elrose Court Nov. 2. The fire started in the kitchen area with no one home. The cause of fire was likely due to a candle, according to the report. 


Hit biker

A man, who was crossing the street at Seventh Avenue South and Ninth Street South on Nov. 3 on his bike, was hit by a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The vehicle left the scene and its license plate details are unknown.


Recovered property

On Nov. 5, three stolen ATVs were recovered. The suspect was found dismantling one of the ATVs. According to the report, the suspect was arrested and later charged with attempting to escape custody and damage to a squad car.


More than a warrant

Officers received information Nov. 3 that a man with an active warrant was in an apartment building in the 200 block of Fourth Avenue. When officers responded, the man was running out of an apartment. He was arrested and searched. During this search, officers found two small plastic bags in his jacket pocket containing marijuana and the other suspected to have methamphetamine, which was confirmed via tests at a later time. 


Found car

As an officer was on routine patrol Nov. 2 in the 500 block of Third Avenue, he identified a parked car as being stolen. A search confirmed the vehicle was stolen out of St. Paul. It was unoccupied and appeared to be undamaged. The vehicle was towed to Southeast Towing where it was available for release to the registered owners. No suspects have been identified. 


West St. Paul


Trick or treat?

A silver sedan pulled up to a house in the 400 block of Thompson Avenue West Oct. 31 with two men in their late 20s. The men walked up to though housed and tried to get candy. When the homeowner refused, the men walked away. 

The homeowner found it “weird” and wanted the area checked and extra patrol. According to the report, the men were not dressed up and stood there at her front door until she shut the door on them. 


Vandalism of property

A house was egged Oct. 31 in the 110 block of Logan Avenue. There was a black car in the area, but there is no description of the vehicle. 


Do you live here?

Police responded to a lobby in the 100 block of Carmel Avenue West Nov. 1 on a report of two intoxicated males. The caller didn’t think they lived there. One man had his pants half way down and was lying on the couch, while the other was sitting in a chair. According to the caller, alcohol could be smelled as you came into the lobby. 

Both parties were cleared and did not appear intoxicated nor did they smell of alcohol, according to police. The men said they were there to help their friend move and were waiting for him. Both men were advised not to sleep there or cause further issues. 


A chill in the air

A man reported his tires slashed Nov. 1. The man, who lives in the upstairs apartment in the 900 block of Charlton Street, has control of the thermostat for the lower apartments. The downstairs neighbor was reportedly upset and had threatened the other man Oct. 31. The man found his rear passenger tires slashed that morning. While he is unsure who did it, he thinks it may have been his neighbor. 


Missing wallet

A woman discovered her wallet missing after being at a gas station in the 1800 block of Robert Street South Nov. 3. She tried calling back to the store to see if it was there, and thought the managers stole her wallet. The woman was slurring her speech and wouldn’t go into more detail about what the managers said when she called.

According to the report, the woman said clerk behind the counter was cursing at her. The officer said in his report that the caller’s speech was very slurred and she kept saying she was going to bed.

The officer asked the woman if she would like him to file a report, but he would have to do that in person. As he was explaining this, she hung up on the officer and said she was just going to sue the business. 


Where is the dog?

A woman reported receiving odd phone calls Nov. 3. She said two women were calling stating they had her dog and wanted money for it. When asked for her addresses, she said she would meet them at Holiday; the pair never showed up. The woman said they were still calling and asking strange questions. They still had the woman’s dog. Police advised the woman to not give them any information and wait for officers to assist.  

The dog was eventually returned. According to the report, the woman went to the wrong Holiday and may have been confused. 


For free?

A man pushed a shopping cart full of groceries out of a business in the 2000 block of Robert Street South Nov. 4 into the parking lot without paying for them. A loss prevention employee and two other employees confronted him. The man threatened to shoot them, but the employees were able to get the cart back.  The identity of the man is unknown. 

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