Twin City Underwriters make complicated Medicare decisions easy

The team at Twin City Underwriters will help you navigate the Medicare market, get you set up with coverage that fits your needs, then stay with you as plans (and your needs) change.

Finding the right health insurance at the right price is not simple for anyone, but the senior market is another level of complicated. 

Medicare is a gateway to dozens of private insurance carriers, each with a wealth of plan options. When costly medications and procedures are on the table, insurance should protect your savings and sanity.

Fortunately, no one has to make these high stakes decisions alone. The agents at Twin City Underwriters devote themselves to helping clients navigate the tricky landscape of health coverage. They have been around since 1968 and have evolved with the industry.

“We’ve been around for a long time, and we don’t do Medicare as a hobby, it’s our full-time focus,” says Internal Sales Lead Debby Jesser.

“98 percent of our work is Medicare; what isn’t Medicare is pre-65 health,” says President Tom Peterson, who is also a licensed agent. “We represent virtually every carrier in this market. We help people make good decisions, and then we stay in touch, because their needs change.”

Peterson’s statement covers two important aspects of what the firm does: onboarding people to Medicare with the plan that best suits them, then maintaining the relationship with annual reviews of how a client’s plan is working for them. Since Medicare does not start automatically, getting the enrollment going is the first task at hand.

“We educate people about what Medicare is and how to get it started. Once they get it started, they provide us with their medications, and then we sit down for an interview,” Peterson says. “There are so many plans and it’s hard to know what the starting point is. We’re there as a resource for the seniors, to help them distinguish between the plan types.”

Peterson and his team are experts in identifying the factors that make one plan a better fit than another. He explains that location, travel plans and clinics of choice are all necessary things to consider. And when it comes to an individual’s medications, landing on the right plan makes a huge difference in overall spending.

“It depends on an individual situation. If they take a lot of medications, we can make an amazing difference in their spending per year,” he says.

Not only can Twin City Underwriters guarantee that a client gets the best plan for their needs, the team is also available to provide support when medical decisions must be made.

“It’s not just enrolling clients. As they’re using their plan, they have one place to call to help them with claims and questions they might have,” Jesser says. “We resolve issues like, ‘Will this be covered? Can I have this procedure?’”

When fall comes around and plans are updated, many folks experience a plan rocketing in price without seeing its quality go up. An agent is the best person to talk to when a plan that fit last year has less value this year.

“As plans become less competitive, are there alternatives? We are somebody to talk to about that,” Peterson says.

At Twin City Underwriters, agents get fulfillment from translating complicated information and helping seniors live their best lives. 

“It’s not very transactional,” Peterson says. “It’s much more relational.”

Jesser says, “I like helping people make Medicare decisions, helping to make something very complicated clear to them, and sticking with them as they age.”

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