Plans and budget approved for ‘pocket park’ in southwest Roseville

courtesy of City of Roseville • The Roseville City Council approved plans and a $250,000 budget Feb. 12 for a “pocket park” located on just less than an acre of land at the southeast corner of Cleveland Avenue and County Road B.

file photo • The site of the newly approved park at 2134 Cleveland Ave. as seen in the summer of 2016

The Roseville City Council unanimously approved plans and a budget for a “pocket park” in the southwest corner of the city, an area relatively empty of city-owned green space.

The park, to be located at 2134 Cleveland Ave. at the southeast corner of County Road B, was one of two parks the council green-lit at its Feb. 12 meeting. The other park, located at 1716 Marion St. in the southeast corner of the city, will be covered in an upcoming story.

The yet-unnamed park will cost $250,000 using money from the city’s Parks Renewal Program.

It’s planned to be “just a warm, nature-based place for people to recreate and hangout,” as explained to the council by Roseville Parks Superintendent Jim Taylor.

Located at what can be a busy intersection, Taylor said community input on the park brought up safety concerns. To address those concerns, the plan for the park includes tree-lined berms on the street-facing, north and northwest sides of the park.

The 0.8-acre park will feature a “large pollinator concept” with plantings preferred by butterflies and bees, along with educational signage to explain the plants’ significance, Taylor said. He added that the playground will be themed around “nature play” with logs and tree stumps, instead of decks, posts and slides.

Taylor said the community input pointed the city towards creating a park that wasn’t a destination for residents from other parts of the city, but a gathering place for the nearby neighborhood.

Work on the park, after final details are nailed down, will begin this year and include a community build.


‘How many holes?’

The city purchased the land for the park in the spring of 2016 for $154,000. The southwest corner of the city was identified in the city’s 2010 Master Plan as lacking in park space.

When council members deliberated the purchase in June 2016, residents who live at the Midland Grove Condominiums pushed them to consider buying a large wooded lot on the north side of Cleveland Avenue, as it would have been their preferred location for a park.

The purchase went through and the city held three planning meetings on the park in the second half of 2017. City Parks and Recreation Director Lonnie Brokke said there was “tremendous turnout” for the meetings, with 50 or more people showing up for each. 

Brokke said area residents were enthusiastic about the idea of a community build and were quite interested in the pollinator garden and planting trees.

Planting trees is going to be a must — when the park land was purchased it was nothing more than a well-kept lawn.

“It looks like a very good plan; you have a very difficult site,” council member Tammy McGehee told Brokke. “It’ll be nice when the trees grow up and you get the berms in place, because there’s nothing there now!”

“I was impressed,” she joked. “How many holes are the residents going to dig for those trees?”

Council member Jason Etten, a former member of the Parks and Recreation Commission, said he was involved in the Parks Renewal process and that the need for another park in southwest Roseville came up frequently. The city had committed to doing something about that need.

“I appreciate that we’re taking some action action on that pledge from several years ago,” he added.

Said council member Bob Willmus, “It’s [a] great opportunity to look at this ‘pocket park’ concept.”

Brokke said the Parks and Recreation Commission will be looked to for the new park’s name.


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