Family Eye Clinic’s collection and service are quite the spectacle

Thousands of frames will be on sale for $39 at the shop’s twice-yearly sale.

A true one-stop shop, Family Eye Clinic has all the equipment necessary for eye exams right in its Inver Grove Heights store.

Chris Palmer and Chris Gregg have decades of experience to help solve any of your eye problems.

The Inver Grove Heights shop has been solving any and all eyeglass needs since 1991


Whether you need new glasses, a pair of frames fixed or a consultation for contacts, Family Eye Clinic does it all.

Store owner Chris Gregg and his staff have been at their Inver Grove Heights location for more than 26 years and have the expertise needed to find any answers you could possibly need.

“We have more solutions to problems than other offices do,” Gregg, a certified optrician, says. 

That ability is due, in part, to Gregg’s natural entrepreneurial skills. He says he can create custom contacts for those who haven’t had success before and even create a pair of glasses from scratch to meet a customer’s specific needs. That’s if they can’t find a match from the thousands of frame options in the store’s showroom. 

Gregg says Family Eye Clinic has more than 2,000 frames for people to choose from. Grandparents, children and everyone in between can be sure to find the style perfect for them, and all in the same room.

The thorough and personal service from the staff at Family Eye Clinic has always been an important contributor to the store’s success.

“We have a very loyal patient base,” Gregg says. “The fact that we help grandkids of people we helped when we first opened, that’s a sign that you’re doing a good job.”

Another reason the clinic continues to do well is the massive frame sale it hosts twice a year.

Obtaining frames from other optical stores that went out of business, Gregg has more than 16,000 frames ready to be sold in the largest sale of its kind in the nation.

“The line would go out the door and down the block when it was here at the store,” Gregg says, pointing out that the sale is now held in a much larger venue. “The sale is a big draw.”

On March 24 and 25, thousands of frames will all be sold at the same flat rate of $39, including brand names like Koali, Ziggy, Jean Reno, Adidas and many more. Even products that normally sell for over $400 will be on sale. 

The sale and the everyday business Gregg and his staff do are all for one purpose: to make the customers happy in any way they can. 

“You won’t succeed in business if you don’t make the customer happy,” he says. “If you do make them happy, you will have a customer and friend for life.”

No matter what your needs are, stop by Family Eye Clinic in Inver Grove Heights and see what solutions they can personally find for you.

“It’s always about doing the best job possible and making people happy,” Gregg says. “I always strive to make the best pair of glasses that I can.”

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