Realife Cooperative of Phalen Village combines community with carefree living

The St. Paul cooperative offers a unique combination of social relationships and senior home ownership, under one roof


Downsizing your home and moving can be a natural aspect of growing older, but the loneliness that often comes with it doesn't have to be.

Realife Cooperative of Phalen Village provides its 55-and-older members with all of the benefits of worry-free homeownership, alongside an added community of members and social activities with which to enjoy life.

"The real highlight of a cooperative is truly the social interaction," Resident Services Manager Debbie Setering says. "Members have all the financial homeowner benefits, but they also have the ability to stay involved and avoid isolation living in units like these."

Setering says social connections are one of the most important aspects to one's quality of health throughout life.  Cooperatives like Realife offer plenty of social options for those who want them. 

"Why wouldn't you want to
eat together, grab coffee, listen to entertainment or play games?" she asks. "You can't play Rummy 500 or Bridge by yourself."

Realife also makes sure you can get down to simple living without the extra stress of maintaining your home. Chores like shoveling snow, appliance maintenance or mowing the lawn are no longer worries — all the upkeep is done for you.

Because of this, members have newfound time to enjoy the many amenities Realife has to offer.

Just a few of the building's features include heated parking and car wash, a game room, exercise room and woodshop. You can also work on your quilting, gardening or reading by stopping by our library. 

All this — including the financial benefits of home ownership, without having to worry about the home — combine to create more opportunity for seniors. Setering says more people are realizing there are other options.

"It is a success to realize you don't have to maintain your home long-term," Setering says. "You have a list of wonderful options, like a senior cooperative."


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