LETTER: Jessup unites, rather than divides

To the Editor:

I was happy to hear our state representative, Randy Jessup, was in attendance at a press conference regarding the important issue of school safety. Following the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, there has been an intense national conversation surrounding ways to ensure our students are safe.

Some of the discussion has been focused on the divisive issue of firearms. With both sides of the gun debate seemingly unwilling to give an inch, I am proud that Rep. Jessup has been focused on solutions that are not only workable, but solutions that have a very realistic chance to be signed into law.

The initiatives that Rep. Jessup and his colleagues in the House are proposing are a comprehensive approach that enhances school security, addresses student mental health and provides school districts with needed resources and flexibility to keep our kids safe.

This increased funding is money well spent. Our children are our most precious resource and our future.

Thank you Rep. Jessup for keeping our kids first and for working on solutions that will not only keep students safe, but for focusing on issues that unite us, not divide us.

Kathy McCarthy, Shoreview

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