LETTER: 'Dear everyone,'

To the Editor:

I am a tween (with a lot of friends and family members) that is worried about the Earth. My best friend and me found in a "Save the Earth" book that about 50 football fields of the rainforest are getting cut down for their wood. Imagine how many animals are losing their home. That's the problem these days — we don't think about how our actions are affecting the animals and wildlife around us. 

I speak for my friends and family members when I say: people need to know about what they're doing. The crazy thing is some of us don't even realize what we're doing wrong, such as littering the streets and roads and lakes. Believe it or not, our actions won't soon be affecting only the ecosystem — they'll be affecting us. The animals will mistake the trash for food and get sick and die. And if they don't die, predators that eat them will get sick because of the trash that animal has been eating. So why not join the others on a journey to save the Earth?

Sammie Fuller, Shoreview 

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