LETTER: Murphy: ‘Puts people first’

To the Editor:

Ahnean Boshoo (Hello!)! My name is Lisa Johnson. Our family is blessed to be residents of Arden Hills for 16 years and we come from the White Earth Nation tribe.

As a people, we deeply believe that we all must stand together or divided we fall. That’s why I am passionate about paid sick time, health care, solutions to the opioid crisis and having affordable nursing homes. We need elected officials working on these issues because many people are feeling left out and doubt whether anything good can come out of politics.

As a former executive director of the Minnesota Nurses Association and as a registered nurse, Erin Murphy has a background in looking out for those who are struggling,  regardless of where they come from. I’m voting for her in the primary on Aug. 14 because she is uniting Minnesota around a politics that puts people first.

Lisa Jackson, Arden Hills

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