SNAPSHOTS: Snow and ice and not much nice

Two things Minnesota is known for, snow and ice, made a dramatic reappearance last week after a relatively uneventful winter so far. Snow blanketed the state the night of Jan. 27 and into the next day, though, mercifully, piling up a few inches shy of some forecasts predicting eight inches or more. Come Jan. 28, North St. Paul saw the typical post-storm sight on Seventh Avenue East of a mini-mountain of snow, moved from the street to the empty lot across from the Post Office.

Once the snow was cleared, the terribly frigid weather kicked in, carrying into Jan. 31. It showed little mercy as wind chills dipped to 27 degrees below zero. The shocking cold also proved predictably challenging on the road. On Jan. 28, the Minnesota State Patrol tweeted this picture of an accident on Interstate 694 at 10th Street in Oakdale.
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