Man steals Oakdale squad car, leads police on hectic chase

Carter Favors

A man was charged in Washington County District Court April 9 for crimes in Oakdale, including an alleged assault and allegedly stealing an Oakdale police squad car containing multiple firearms. 

Carter Favors, 20, was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon for attempting to hit a woman with a car, motor vehicle theft, reckless driving, interfering with emergency communication and fleeing police.

His first appearance in court was April 10, and he’ll be back in court April 24. 

Favors was seen in Walton Park on Hadley Avenue in Oakdale around 10 a.m. on April 8, according to Washington County court documents. An Oakdale police officer inside a police office that faces the park saw Favors drive a car into it, where several children were playing.

The officer then saw a woman run toward the playground to avoid the car. It was later learned the woman was Favors’ girlfriend, court documents say. She told police she was at first in the car and arguing with Favors, and that Favors was allegedly talking about “killing himself and suicide by cop.”

The woman, 30, said that Favors then parked in the Walton Park parking lot and told her to get out. Then, court documents say, Favors allegedly drove into the park and tried to hit the woman. 

Oakdale police pursued the car, trying to pull Favors over in the park. Instead, Favors allegedly drove at high speeds northbound on Hadley Avenue until he drove through a fence and crashed into a garage near the 6900 block of 27th Street. 

Court documents say Favors got out and climbed on top of the car, waving a piece of lumber, and running away on foot. While running, police say Favors took out and waved his cell phone “as if it were a firearm,” allegedy telling law enforcement to shoot him.

Favors allegedly entered a marked Oakdale squad car that had a 12 gauge shotgun and a platform rifle. Court documents say Favors drove the squad car recklessly, going as fast as 75 mph on the residential Geneva Avenue and nearly hitting someone on a motorcycle. Also while in the squad car, Favors allegedly used the emergency radio, “taunting officers and yelling,” court documents say.

Favors was in the squad car for about 10 minutes, finally getting out when police were able to spin the vehicle sideways, forcing him to stop. The chase didn’t end, though, as Favors allegedly continued to flee on foot, this time headed toward an Oakdale public works truck. 

According to court documents, Favors allegedly “dove through the open driver’s window” of the truck and tried to put it into gear. At this point, police apprehended Favors, who allegedly again told officers to shoot him. 

Later, according to court documents, an EMT told Favors that his reckless actions endangered people, to which Favors allegedly said he didn’t care and that he “was going to take anyone in the area with him.”


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