Joshua Falk

Joshua Falk

Joshua Falk, a New Brighton native and graduate student at the College of Optometry at Western University, was recently awarded a $5,000 scholarship from TLC Laser Eye Centers to help finance his education. After completing his graduate degree next spring, Falk plans to complete four years of service as a military optometrist. 

He was initially drawn to the field after a very intensive aptitude test in high school. As an undergraduate at Wheaton College in Illinois, he shadowed local doctors and came to love the variety and complexity of the field.

Through his clinical experiences, Falk has had the opportunity to study different ocular diseases, as well as the effects of traumatic injuries on the eye, which will likely help him during his four years in the military. 

“This scholarship will help me finish my education and return to the military, where I can share the benefits of laser eye surgery with soldiers,” Falk said in a release.

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