Why can't you hunt seagulls?

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Q. Why aren't gulls game birds?



A. They're noisy, they're very common, and they can be super annoying -- especially if you're trying to finish a sandwich that they have their beady little eyes fixed upon. So why isn't it legal to go hunting for gulls? According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, all gulls are migratory birds, which means that they are federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, so you've been warned.  

If you are truly bothered by gulls, you might take comfort from the knowledge that, of the 52 known species of the bird, only three types of gull breed in Minnesota: the ring-billed gull, Franklin's gull, and the herring gull. Anyway, it could be much worse. News reports from the San Francisco Bay Area regularly report on California gulls that interfere with commercial airplanes, dive bomb picnics, and devour what's left of other smaller breeds of shore birds in the area.   


(Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website www.dnr.state.mn.us and other internet resources.)


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