Oakdale golfer scores 2 holes-in-one in same round

Bob Olson posed with his scorecard and two lucky golf balls at Oak Marsh Golf Course in Oakdale on Aug. 17, the day he hit two holes-in-one during the same round. (photo courtesy Oak Marsh Golf Course)

Every Saturday morning, some 40 men play rounds of golf at Oak Marsh Golf Course in Oakdale. It’s a day of camaraderie and light competition.

But on Aug. 17, it was anything but average for Bob Olson. It was the last day of the Club Championship and Olson, from Oakdale, brought his son to play in the club for the first time. 

On that particular day, Olson says he had a better chance of winning the lottery than what played out: hitting two holes-in-one during a single round of golf.

“I was just kind of in awe,” he says. “I hit it and it was going right for the hole.”

That was just the first hole-in-one, from 110 yards on the sixth hole with a 52-degree wedge. In the same round just seven holes later — the lucky 13th — Olson did it again, much to his son’s disbelief.

“He was like, ‘Oh my god!’ After the second he was like, ‘My friends are never going to believe this,’” Olson says.

Olson has been playing golf sice he was a boy, but he’s only shot one other hole-on-one. That was two years ago at 154 yards away.

That most recent hole-in-one at Oak Marsh, located at 526 Inwood Ave. N., was with his 5-iron from 190 yards  — a distance that’s typically a par-4, Olson says.

“[My friends] kept saying, “We know who’s buying today,’” he says.

Olson says the odds of getting two aces in the same round is just one in 67 million. Though the day was exciting, Olson says he really just plays for the love of the game and the personal accountability it brings.

“There’s nobody to blame but yourself. You can’t say, ‘They messed me up,’” he says. “It’s fun.”


—Amy Felegy

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