L.M.N.O.P: Berhe, 77 - Oakdale

Berhe, 77

“I’ve just been in America three years or so. I’m retired — I’m old. Today I am walking, just to be moving. I’m a diabetic for over 15 years. I also take insulin three times a day. I’m good now, but I have to be careful to prep meals and other things. 

I came here as a tourist but I’m here now. I have to return to my country, but not now. I haven’t decided when yet because of my health. 

America is good for health. I have good treatment because the cost it takes to survive is lower here — to live. If I go to my country, I cannot find this treatment, you know? We are poorer people; a poorer country in Eritrea. 

It’s good, Minnesota. I gain more medicine and treatment because I get Medicare. In our country, it’s difficult to get that. So I’m happy now, but God knows after that. 

My last son is 30 years old. I have six children. Six children! The oldest one is almost 50. One is in London; he’s an engineer. One is in southern Ethiopia, two live here and one is in South Africa. They have different professions and they are all over. They’re individuals. One is in Atlanta; she’s now getting married to an American. 

I’m happy because I love America. The people of America, I love.”

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