SkyDancing Tantra Retreat

Friday, February 9, 2018 -
6:30pm to 11:30pm

Minneapolis-based educators Thomas Stout and Sara Biewen will host a week-end retreat, Timeless Loving: An Introduction to SkyDancing Tantra, on February 9-11, 2018, at Shire in the Woods, McGrath, MN. 
The experiential week-end workshop, open to singles or couples, provides an introduction to the Tantra journey to become a better lover and to create deeper intimacy and more passion in all aspects of life. Participants will explore concepts of Margot Anand‘s SkyDancing Tantra that can be integrated into both lovemaking and daily life by expanding perspectives on spirituality, sexuality, love and intimacy. 


Timeless Loving: SkyDancing Trantra Retreat
Shire in the Woods Retreat Center

CONTACT: Thomas Stout

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