1/31/2006 Police Reports


- Heading to court on a third degree drunken driving charge is a 28-year-old South St. Paul man, arrested at Como Avenue and Hwy. 280 on Jan. 13. The man's blood-alcohol level was tested at .19 percent. He was also charged with driving after license revocation and booked at the Hennepin County Jail.
- A 43-year-old man in the 1800 block of Walnut Street called police Jan. 13 and said he wanted his girlfriend out of his residence, but she wouldn't leave. A routine check by officers revealed the 42-year-old woman was wanted on Ramsey County warrant for her arrest, and that solved the problem. She was booked at the Ramsey County Jail.
- When a man who had been arrested Jan. 14 on a DWI charge in the 2500 block of Broadway Street N.E. was told to empty his pockets as part of the booking process, he pulled out a baggie containing a white rock and said it was crack cocaine. Possession of a fifth degree controlled substance was added to the 44-year-old Columbia Heights man's list of charges which, in addition to third degree DWI, included gross misdemeanor blood-alcohol test refusal and driving after license suspension. He was transported to the Ramsey County Jail.
Little Canada

- After a 14-year-old boy displayed his five-inch pocketknife at an area-learning center in the first block of County Road B2 on Jan. 13, a school resource officer arrested the youth. He was charged with possession of a dangerous weapon on school property and transported to the Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Center.

Child abuse
- A Waseca woman heading to Arkansas for a funeral Jan. 11 hired a Little Canada woman to take care of her three children. The child care provider called mom a day later and asked if it would be okay if she went out for the evening and left the kids, ages 8,4, and 1, alone. Mom said absolutely not. After the trip, the eight-year-old girl said the sitter went out two nights, about 10 p.m., and she didn't know when the woman returned. Her mother filed a child abuse complaint with the Ramsey County Sheriff's office and an investigation continues.

Unbalanced person
- When an ex-employee, disgruntled about being let go, stopped by an area store Jan. 13 and knocked over a cracker and chip display, the manager called the sheriff. He said he wasn't concerned about the display, but worried about the man who had been driving recklessly, and also because the man was wearing no pants. A deputy and a state trooper chased the suspect, who was driving 60-mph down Interstate Hwy. 35E with one foot out the window, before forcing him to the shoulder near downtown St. Paul. The 32-year-old South St. Paul man was charged with felony fleeing police and booked at the Ramsey County Jail.

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