Letter: 'Pleasantly surprised'

To the editor:

I was pleasantly surprised to read in the recent Maplewood Monthly that our City Council has found a less expensive and better way to solve the remodeling of our new Police Department.

I also had another nice surprise in our State Legislature, that the effort on our Minnesota Health Care Exchange will be a Bipartisan Bill. That is a very important part of our future and I was happy to see that Representative Huntley, who has a 20 year background in the legislature will be involved for the DFL, he has a medical background as a Professor.

Representative Abler who will represent the GOP is a doctor, has 14 years experience in the legislature and was the Chair of Health and Humane Services last year. The bill last year was carried by two people involved in Insurance Companies. I feel much better represented this year.

It is good to have our Senator Chuck Wiger as Chair in Education, as I recall he was our youngest School Board Member in 622, about age 20. He has done a good job in that field and also in helping veterans issues in spite of the gridlock we have had the past few years.

We need to all be involved and in touch with our legislators to let them know we are interested in good government. If we are not involved, we shouldn't complain . Once again this year it was proven every vote counts. I was happy to see we kept it that way.

Christeen Stone


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