Letter: Thanks for coming to town hall

To the editor: 

We thank everyone who participated at our town hall meeting on Saturday, Jan. 12. It is great to hear from constituents. We sincerely appreciate hearing your concerns as we begin the new legislative session. We especially want to thank District 622 School Board Members Steve Hunt and Nancy Livingston and Century College President Dr. Ron Anderson for participating in the meeting.

It is important we work together and listen to various viewpoints before making decisions at the Capitol. These forums allow us to connect with people in our districts and hear directly from voters.

This year, one of the top priorities is to put Minnesota's budget on a sustainable path forward, and hearing citizens' concerns helps put the budget in perspective for us.

Additional information about the Minnesota Senate can be found online at http://www.senate.mn/ and information about the Minnesota House can be found at http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/.

State Sen. Chuck Wiger

State Rep. Peter Fischer

District 42A

State Rep. Leon Lillie

District 42B

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