Police make major meth bust in mall parking lot

Police called to check on a couple suspected of shoplifting at Kohl's department store Oct. 26 found much more than purloined goods.

Lt. Dave Kvam said the Maplewood Police field two "retail crime" officers from an office at the mall, and one was called to Kohl's by security personnel who suspected the couple.

The officer followed the pair out to their car and discovered at least $200 worth of stolen Kohl's merchandise, as well as a large amount of methamphetamine.

"They had meth totaling a net weight of 54.03 grams," Kvam explained. "To make it a first-degree charge of possession of a controlled substance is having over 25 grams. So you can see that was a huge amount."

The pair also had a stun gun in the car, which is another charge, since both had criminal records that barred them from possessing the weapon.

Arrested were 36-year-old Joseph Franzinelli and 26-year-old Kristina Jurek. Kvam said neither has a permanent address locally and that in interviews both mentioned being from northern Minnesota.

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