Police Reports issued Nov. 1, 2006

- Someone broke into a home in the 500 block of Ripley Avenue during the afternoon Oct. 12, and took multiple pieces of old or antique jewelry, including 20-30 wrist watches, 25-30 pocket watches (all gold or gold-plated) a Sony digital camera, 19th century horn and silver objects, crystal Czechoslovakian necklaces and multiple bracelets. Police do not have leads on a suspect and are unsure whether the thieves knew the items were in the house before they broke in.
- A door was pried open at Keller Lake Auto Parts over the Oct 7-9 weekend and the cash box was jimmied, but it only contained change.
- A very determined burglar tried to get into a dental clinic on Highway 36 Oct. 11 pried the caulking out of a window frame but set off an alarm in the process.
- Someone entered a garage in the 2600 block of Keller Parkway overnight Oct. 10-11 and ransacked a vehicle, taking a gym bag with clothing, a Walkman and a cell phone.
- Someone entered a locked garage through a service door in the 1900 block of Payne Avenue Oct. 11 and took two tool boxes containing various tools and a remington electric pole saw. They also damaged the area around a vehicle's stereo.
- Apparently the deals at Goodwill just weren't good enough for somebody. After an alarm was set off around 4 a.m. Oct. 12, police found a window pried open and a chair underneath it indicating someone had tried to climb in.
- Someone entered an apartment in the 1800 block of Sherren Avenue overnight Oct. 15-16 and took cash from a bedroom dresser drawer.

- A shopper who forgot her purse in a grocery cart at Cub Foods returned to find it had been taken. The purse was recovered later, but cash and credit cards were missing.
- Someone apparently considered it "Honda night" at Old Country Buffet Oct. 14; a black 1992 Honda Civic hatchback was missing from the lot when its owner returned to claim it.
- A leather wallet containing cash, credit cards, ID and a checkbook were taken out of a wallet while the owner was at Dean's Tavern Oct. 13.
- Three aluminum-cased PRV vents used for rooftop air conditioners were taken from a County Road D construction site by a thief with particular tastes Oct. 1.
- An enclosed trailer containing various tools, a shop vac, a ladder and "a 6-foot German level" was taken from the 600 block of McKnight Road.
- A white 1993 Chrysler Concorde has apparently been kept by an "acquaintance" of the owner who was meant only to borrow it.
- In a "close to home" theft, cash was taken from a resident's nightstand in a residence along White Bear Avenue.
- Mail was removed from mailboxes in the 300 block of Bellwood Avenue from Oct. 13 to 15.

Theft from vehicle
- A Kenwood in-dash CD/DVD/TV touch-screen unit was taken out of a vehicle at Kline Nissan while the car was in for service between Oct. 5 and 10.
- Someone entered an unlocked vehicle in a driveway in the 2600 block of Linden Lane overnight Oct. 10-11 and took credit cards, a cell phone and a garage door opener.
- Someone entered a vehicle while it was parked in a driveway in the 2500 block of Forest Street overnight Oct. 10-11, taking spare change.
- A CD player was taken from an unlocked vehicle parked in the 800 block of Sterling Street overnight Oct. 10-11.
- Someone smashed in a window at the Saab dealership on White Bear Avenue Oct. 8; the act has been caught on the store's video security.
- A walker at Battle Creek Park had her load lifted while she was away from her car Oct. 14: after smashing a window, a thief took an orange Furla purse containing a Dooney and Burke wallet, cash, ID and credit cards.

- The rear window of a car parked in the lot at Cub Foods on White Bear Avenue Oct. 12 was smashed.
- An attempt to take a stereo left a car with damage Oct. 13 in the 500 block of Skillman Avenue.
- A car parked in a driveway in the 2400 block of Harvester Avenue was egged overnight Oct 13-14.
- A chunk of concrete was hurled through a bedroom window in the first block of Second Avenue Oct. 15 by someone who apparently had a solid complaint to register.

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