SSP braces for (water balloon) battle

It could be the fact you dream of pelting your neighbor with a water balloon every time he mows the lawn in his underwear, or it could just be the heat.

Whatever your motivation, join the South St. Paul Mayor's Youth Task Force for the first annual All City Water Balloon Dodge Ball Tournament Aug. 12 from 2 to 6 p.m. Teams will compete for first and second place trophies as well as "best team name" and "best team outfits" awards.

All participants must wear protective eyewear (goggles or sunglasses) & shoes (tennis shoes recommended). Participants are also asked to bring their own towel.

Each team will be given 100 water balloons. The team with the most players standing at the end of the match will move on to the next round until only two teams remain for the Championship Round. All ages are eligible to participate so get a team together and be prepared to get wet!

To compete, complete and return the registration form with the registration donation by August 6th. For additional information, contact Deb Griffith, Community Affairs Liaison, at 651-554-3230 or

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